Fly Zapper

How often have you been at a picnic and cringe at the thought of flies buzzing around the hotdogs and potato salad? Flies can be a nuisance and more importantly they will contaminate your food and make you sick. If you are tired of standing at the picnic table and waving them off or trying to kill them with a fly swatter, don’t give up. There is a better way. Have you ever thought of getting a fly zapper?


The fly zapper is an electrically powered device that is used both indoors and outdoors in order to control the fly population. The way it works is that there is an electrical grid with high voltage applied to it. There is a protective grill so that you cannot accidentally stick your fingers in and zap yourself. Inside the device there is also an ultraviolet (UV) bulb that is used for attracting the flies. Sometimes, pheromones (sex lure for flies) that come in a cartridge can be inserted into the device to further act as an attractant to the flies.


When the flies fly towards the grid, they complete the electrical circuit and get zapped – hence the name ‘fly zapper’. The dead flies fall into a catcher that can be detached and emptied. Depending on your needs, there are different models that come in various sizes for both home and commercial use. Food safety is especially important if you are running a restaurant and have to comply with sanitation codes in order to maintain your license.


If you are in the market for a fly zapper, then consider the line of products made by Flowton. Among their most popular fly zappers are the FC-8800, FC-7800 and FC-7600. The latter two units are meant for indoor use only. They can be used in restaurant kitchens, meat packing plants, barns, stables or retail food stores.


Flowtron also has the ultraviolet replacement light bulbs for sale. You can either get them directly from the manufacturer or head over to Amazon and search for them. Flowtron is a company based in the U.S.A. and all their products are manufactured domestically. So don’t worry if you have a problem with flies because the battle is not lost. The fly zapper may be just the thing that you need to get rid of these pesky insects.

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